Wisconsin Trout Unlimited License Plates

Do you want to show your love for trout fishing while also supporting the creation of trout habitat, educating kids about trout fishing, and supporting communication and advocacy around important trout angling issues?


Since 2015, Wisconsin trout anglers have been able to sign up for the special Wisconsin Trout Unlimited license plate. This special plate, featuring a brook trout illustration created by nationally-known illustrator Neal Aspinall, provides $25 per year to support trout habitat and fishing in Wisconsin. Nearly $1 out of every $6 of Wisconsin Trout Unlimited’s annual budget is funded by the TU license plate registrations.


If you’d like to get a plate, the process is as simple as filling out the DOT registration form posted online, and submitting that along with the $25 annual donation and one time $15 issuance fee. 


Find the registration form here:




Trout habitat, youth education, conservation advocacy and more are all supported by the Wisconsin TU license plates. If you benefit from the work of Wisconsin Trout Unlimited, please consider registering for the TU plates.