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In the past year, Wisconsin’s 21 local TU chapters and the State Council reported a staggering 48,820 volunteer hours, participated in 82 stream... Read More
Your tax deductible support will help us ensure that future generations have access to cold, clean, fishable water in Wisconsin. Read More
New Zealand Mudsnails, an Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS), are on the move in southern WI trout streams. Read More
Sat. Feb. 4. 4:30 - 9:30 Oshkosh, WI Best Western Waterfront Hotel and Convention Center Tickets are $35 ea. Read More
We are excited to announce the hiring of a new Great Lakes Organizer based in East Lansing, MI.  Taylor Ridderbusch comes to TU from the Rochester... Read More
Did you fish the Driftless last year? 1 time? 10 times? 50 times? Take the survey (before July 15) and tell us about your experience. Read More
Viroqua plans to dump water from water treatment plant directly into the Springville Branch of the Bad Axe River, a class I trout stream. Public... Read More
WITU urges a "no" vote on WCC Advisory Question #14 - eliminating all "artificial lures only" from regular season trout regulations. Read More
Senate Bill 239 / Assembly Bill 874 allows high capacity wells to be rebuilt, moved, repaired, and transferred without any review. Read More
Assembly wraps up session... the fates of the Railroad Crossing Bill and the High Capacity Well (groundwater) bill are in the hands of the Senate. Read More