TU Wisconsin Conservation Hall of Fame Membership

Wisconsin Trout Unlimited received a letter from the Wisconsin Conservation Hall of Fame (WCHF) inviting Wisconsin Trout Unlimited to become an “Organizational Member” of the WCHF Foundation. Periodically, WCHF invites a small number of statewide conservation organizations to better the diversity and success of conservation efforts in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Trout Unlimited was selected for invitation because of our success in conserving, protecting and restoring Wisconsin’s cold-water
fisheries and their watersheds.

The WCHF Foundation was formed in 1985 as a cooperative venture of the 16 statewide conservation organizations to promote the “Conservation Idea” by recognizing individuals who have contributed significantly to the advancement of conservation and the nation. Over the past 33 years, the WCHF has grown to 31 Organizational Voting Members. During this time, the WCHD has inducted 91 conservation leaders during its annual spring induction ceremonies. The WCHF is located at the Schmeekle Reserve in Stevens Point, WI.

This year’s inductees include Roy and Charlotte Lukes, George Meyer, and Arlie Schorger. The 34th Annual induction ceremony will be held Saturday April 14 th , starting at 9:00 am at the Sentry Theatre at Sentry Headquarters in Stevens Point Wisconsin. There is a luncheon offered for $25.00 per person and you can register on line http://bit.ly/WCHF2018Registration or you can 715-346- 4992. Please come out to support the WCHF.