Zip Code Shuffle

In an effort to help local chapters better serve their members, the State Council has been working with TU National to reassign several zip codes that are geographically out of place.  The following zip codes have been reassigned to different chapters:



53090                    Southeastern WI

53094                    Southern WI

53181                    Southeastern WI

53189                    Southeastern WI

54981                    Shaw-Paca


As an existing member, you will remain with your current chapter until you renew your membership.  At that time, you will be moved to the new chapter.  A number of other zip codes (affecting a small number of members) have been changed this summer:



53078                    Aldo Leopold

53098                    Aldo Leopold

53505                    Blackhawk

53510                    Harry & Laura Nohr

53548                    Blackhawk

53550                    Blackhawk

53587                    Harry & Laura Nohr

53924                    Coulee Region

53951                    Aldo Leopold

54405                    Wisconsin River Valley

54541                    Northwoods

54629                    Wisconsin Clear Waters

54736                    Wisconsin Clear Waters

54826                    Wisconsin Clear Waters

54909                    Frank Hornberg                               


We understand the connection that members have to their local chapter.  Some members choose to keep their chapter affiliation even after moving out of the area.  With this thought in mind, we’d like to remind you that ANY member may request to be in a specific chapter regardless of their zip code assignment.


If you would like to belong to a chapter outside of your zip code assignment, please send an email to with the following information: name, address, member #, requested chapter name and #.  You may also call 1-800-834-2419 and give them the same information.  Doing so will permanently keep you a member of your requested chapter.