Watershed Access Fund Steps In Again

By Kim McCarthy


We are pleased to announce another successful use of the State Council’s Watershed Access Fund to add fishing opportunities for Wisconsin trout anglers.


The latest parcel to be purchased lies along the Kickapoo River southwest of Wildcat Mountain State Park and west of the Kickapoo Reserve. It includes frontage along the Kickapoo River and along a small tributary named Hay Valley Creek. The Watershed Access Fund was able to join a partnership to make this purchase possible.


Among the partners are the Mississippi Valley Conservancy, Coulee Region Chapter and the Kickapoo Reserve. The land being purchased will ultimately be added to the holdings of the Kickapoo Reserve. The Kickapoo River is classified category II trout water through the purchase area.


Hay Valley Creek, because of its small size, provides very little fishing opportunity, but it provides cold water input for the Kickapoo River and most likely provides spawning opportunities for fish moving up from the Kickapoo River.


The parcel about to become public will connect Kickapoo Reserve lands both above and below the new parcel. The purchase will create a publicly owned stretch on the Kickapoo that will measure approximately 18 miles in length.


Those who fish the Driftless Area know that almost all of the fishing there is regarded as “walk and wade.” The new parcel will give those who enjoy floating and fishing several floats to choose from. Boat landings are already in place on the Kickapoo River within the reserve. Watch for more details in future issues of Wisconsin Trout.


Thanks again to all who contribute to our Watershed Access Fund, which allows the State Council to participate in these types of acquisition opportunities. We couldn’t do this without you.