New Zealand Mudsnails found in headwaters of Sugar River

The New Zealand Mudsnail ,an aquatic invasive species (AIS), appear to be spreading in Wisconsin waterways.  This fall, samples were found on Badger Mill Creek, a tributary to the Sugar River near Verona, WI (just outside of Madison).  A lab has also positively identified NZ Mudsnails taken in a 2015 sample from Badger Mill Creek.


The invasive snail was first found in one of Wisconsin's most famous trout streams, Black Earth Creek (just west of Madison) in 2012.  Since then, DNR staff and citizen volunteers have been closely monitoring the infestation, watching for signs of proliferation.  The population of NZ mudsnails in Black Earth Creek is on the rise, but it hasn't reached the point where it's having a negative effect on the macroinvertebrate populations... yet.


More information about New Zealand Mudsnails and their habits can be found here:


Wisconsin Trout Unlimited would like to remind anglers to clean and inspect your gear when you're finished fishing or before heading to a different body of water.  Some have suggested dedicating a seperate pair of boots and / or waders to use when fishing in waters known to harbor New Zealand Mudsnails.  Here's some more clean angling advice from our friends at the River Alliance of Wisconsin:


Photo by Mark Anderson.


URGENT: Volunteers needed to help put up signposts THURSDAY, DEC. 08, 2016.


Volunteers are needed to help the Upper Sugar River Watershed Association and Southern Wisconsin TU install signposts for New Zealand mudsnail (NZMS) warning signs at stream access points in the upper Sugar River watershed, on Thurs, Dec 8 at 12 pm noon. It's urgent that this occur before the ground freezes for the winter, so signs can be erected prior to the trout fishing season opening in January. Anglers are the primary vector of spread for NZMS, which can have negative impacts on trout stream health.


Meet at the Highway 69 Sugar River bridge (or the "upper" Falk-Wells parking area).


Interested volunteers should contact Wade Moder at 920-850-6902, and should bring work gloves and a post driver, if you have one.