It’s Time for Us to Make the Investment in Our Trout Fishing Future

It’s Time for Us to Make the Investment in Our Trout Fishing Future


It’s time for a change. The weather’s changing, a new batch of young of the year trout are acclimating to their surroundings, and we’re coming out of our winter doldrums.


About the only thing that hasn’t changed in quite a while is the cost of our Inland Trout Stamp. In fact, it’s been stuck at $10 since 2006. As trout anglers in Wisconsin, we pool our resources and fund critical stream improvement projects and trout management with this annual purchase of the Inland Trout Stamp.


Project materials and equipment are getting more expensive, and if we’re going to rise up and give our trout a fighting chance to flourish in the future, we’re going to have to start making more of an investment now.


Wisconsin Trout Unlimited worked to educate the Governor and his administration about this issue and we’re thrilled to see a modest $5 increase in the Inland Trout Stamp included in his proposed budget that was released in February!


We’re also very much aware of the current state of politics and realize that Republicans in the Legislature are very likely to set that budget aside and write their own version, much like they did two years ago.


What does this mean for the trout stamp? It means that as of right now, we’re still stuck in 2006. Now it’s time for us as anglers to let lawmakers know that we’re ready and willing to support a modest increase in the Inland Trout Stamp.


As the budget session progresses over the next few months, we’ll be reaching out to you at various points and asking you to let your voice be heard. Our State Senators and Assembly Representatives need to hear from us over and over again that they need to include an Inland Trout Stamp increase in the budget.


Please take a few minutes to engage on this issue. It’s not going to happen unless we all speak up. You can find out who your elected officials are and how to contact them by using the "Who are my Legislators" box on the right hand side of this page:


In a typical year, the DNR estimates 25 miles of stream improvements and 1 spring pond is improved annually with the fund raised through the Trout Stamp. If we all chip in an extra $5 per year, we could fund 35-40 miles of improvements per year.


Let’s get this done. A $15 Inland Trout Stamp would still be one of the best values around. For less than the cost of a Friday night fish fry, an angler get’s access to over 13,000 miles of designated Wisconsin trout waters, and has the ability to harvest trout six months out of the year.


Better yet, that additional investment and the improvements that are funded will become the downpayment on our legacy. A legacy that will see trout populations thriving for future generations to enjoy.


By Mike Kuhr

Wisconsin Trout Unlimited Advocacy Chair