Fish Farming Bill UPDATE

As many have seen, there has been one amendment already made to the fish farming bill (SB 493 / AB 640), which works to address some of Trout Unlimited's concerns with the bill.  The amendment works to significantly limit dam minimum flow issues, and removes that portion of the bill which re-defined aquaculture with respect to cost sharing and best management practices. 


The Wisconsin Council of Trout Unlimited wishes to thank Senator Vinehout for the first amendment, and Senator Tiffany for accepting it. 


Additional amendments are being discussed, which should go further towards addressing concerns regarding bank grading and soil removal along navigable waters, and clearing up that existing permit restrictions remain in force when maintenance work on fish farms is performed.


Trout Unlimited appreciates the work of our members to make sure that our voice was heard, and that we were able to do as much as we could to address some of our concerns in the bill.


You can read the full text of the bill here: