DU / TU Weigh in on Groundwater


Two of the nations leading conservation organizations offer suggested changes to pending groundwater legislation in Wisconsin.


The letter refers to Senate Bill 291 which aims for comprehensive reforms to how groundwater is managed in Wisconsin.  The same bill has been introduced in the State Assembly (AB 477) and will be working it's way thru those Committees as well.


Both DU and TU feel that the following 4 items should be included in SB291 / AB477:


1.  Ensure that the bill applies to ALL WATERS OF WISCONSIN (including wetlands and ephemeral streams), rather than just to navigable waters.


2.  Ensure that cumulative impacts are taken into consideration when issuing high capacity well permits.


3.  Include common sense periodic reviews of already issued, and to-be-issued high capacity well permits.


4.  Significantly streamline the designation of "Sensitive Resource Areas" (SRA)  process.


Now is the time to let your legislators know that we seek stronger protections for our groundwater.


Click "Find My Legislators" on http://legis.wisconsin.gov/ to get contact info for your representatives.